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This page will present a small sample of our product lines(as far as our jig heads are concerned). You can view a larger picture by clicking any thumbnail.


Jig Heads - all jig heads are powder coated for durability

JH00001 #1size hook                              JH00002 #1 live bait jig

1/16TH oz. – 10 @ $1.25                           1/16TH oz. – 10 @ $1.25

1/8thoz. -10 @ $1.25                                  1/8th oz. – 10 @ $1.25

oz. – 10 @ $1.75                                     oz. – 10 @ $1.75

3/8th oz. - 10 @ $1.75

oz. - 10 @ $1.75

All jigs come in these fantastic colors – white, red, black, yellow, brown, bright green, hot pink, yellow chartreuse, flame red, white pearl, blaze orange.

We also carry glow in the dark colors as well – glow overcoat white, blaze orange, bright green & flame red.

Please specify colors when ordering.

For a full listing complete with pictuers e-mail or snail mail us for your copy of our latest CD rom full line catalogue.

Cob's Tackle web site will be updated whenever new products become available.